Land Development Requirements

We are always keen to talk to anyone with an idea for a development or investment opportunity. Often the more complex issues that a land or business owner is presented with are the most compelling for us given our in depth knowledge and understanding of the planning and development process.

Our Development Partners

Litfield Land brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to a development project. It is possible that one of the following statements apply to you:

  • You may be a business wanting to remain in occupation of your premises but wish to release value from a static property asset
  • Perhaps you are seeking a partner to jointly develop your idea into reality but do not have the funds to do so
  • You may be a landowner or homeowner whose land either solely or with neighbours could create a new community but do not have the knowledge or funding to drive the idea forward

If this is the case we will be able to help you take your project on, bringing our expertise in the industry and working in partnership with you.

Our Basic Requirements

Generally we require sites upwards of 0.5 acres.

If we are looking to secure standing investments then usually we will look between £250k and £5M across most sectors.

Strategic Land Requirements

We have retained a number of the buildings we have developed for long term income which allows us to utilize that rent roll to pursue strategic planning options and orchestrate the planning process to secure valuable planning consents for landowners and, importantly, underwrite the significant costs involved.

In the coming months further sites in BANES, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire and Bristol will be brought forward in the planning domain by the Litfield team

We are seeking additional sites upwards of c. half an acre to 50 acres in sustainable towns and villages across the south and western sections of the UK

Talk to Us Today

Litfield Land has a excellent reputation within the industry, a reputation earned from over 20 years of land development. We generously retain our partners who introduce ideas to us and always look to involve them throughout the lifespan of a project.

If you would like to speak in confidence about a particular idea, or in relation to maximising your real estate via development then please contact us today. You may contact Simon Caple or Paul Wightman on the following numbers:

Simon Caple 07778 933959
Paul Wightman 07959 151578

Or via our contact form if you prefer.


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